Simple Whole Food Nutrition In A Capsule
Clinically Proven 39 Published Peer Reviews! USDA Patented 34 CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGTABLES in each Whole Food NOURISHING Capsule; at an Extremely Affordable Whole Food Organic Grocery Budget!
(even Mikey D’s $1.00 menu can’t beat it’s price of this Excellent Nutritional Value, and in by no means provides you and your family with the really solid  nutrition that the human body needs to sustain or regain an optimal balanced
health status, as Juice Plus does) although ofcorse, maybe Ronald would still like you to believe that what he serves is a substance which may be in comparison, yet almost the full majority nutritionally  educated would strongly disagree. Check out the Juice Plus Complete Meal or Meal Replacement Protein Powder and make your own decision on what you choose feed yourself and your family with??
Mama is right “it’s always best and healthiest and money saving to just do it yourself”


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