Christie Davis, CNHP, NTP, Master Herbalist (Certified Natural Health Professional, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) Certified Holistic & Natural Health Consultant, Dietary Counselor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Life-Style Coach/Mentor, Thermography Consultant, Preventative Wellness Educator, Risk Assessment Assistant,BioLogical Terrain Expert, Bio-Meridian Clinician, iMRS Clinician, Mineralizarion Hair Analysis, Detoxification Specialist, Kinesiologist, ForU (Saliva)DNA Expert; Specializing in all Ages & Health Challenges. Emphasis on Energy Modalities and A Vast Array of  Natural Integrative Therapies.

As a prior Surgical Assistant (scrub nurse) & Physicians Assistant:

She Currently Specializes In Immunology & In The Modern Western  as well as the combined well established and proven historical Chinese or Eastern Clinical Researches;

DNA Targeted Nutrition Via Personal Design & Dietary Profile Analysis using many medicaland clinical approved researched modalities.

Christie has worked alongside of the Standard of Care Medical Community Serving Clients along with an Abundant Array and Diverse Medical Specialist for Over 35yrs.

She Is The Owner of Aurora Integrative Wellness Holistic Health Studio. A Natural “Whole Health” & Nutritional Wellness Center Specializing in the Education of Balanced Health Via Personal Nutritional Profiling. Aurora Integrative Wellness Has Grown To Such Great Demand For Nutritional Health Guidance and The Great Need For Community Health 101 Education Seminars With Focus On; Complimentary “Natural Integrative Health Therapies” Our Holistic Health Studio Is Pleased To Announce Expansion of Services Located In Centennial, CO. and is Currently Now Working Within The New Health Generation Movement and Currently Accepting New Clients. Presently, Also Connecting With The “At-Large Health Care Community” Specializing In The Natural Order of Health and Beyond. She Enjoys Meeting and Providing “REAL HEALTH NUTRITIONAL KNOWLEDGE”“KNOW HOW Education”, ENPOWERING ALL AGES OF CLIENTS IN IMPROVING THEIR OWN PERSONAL HEALTH STATUS.

Aurora Integrative Wellness Holistic Health Studio Assesses Individual Nutritional Deficiencies With Proven Clinical Results At OVER 98+% Accuracy, Which Can Be Obtained Within The Very First Consultation.

Aurora Integrative Wellness Holistic Health Studio Offers Assessments based on observations,  including the Whole or Complete Body, ie: Wholistic;

“A Holistic Investigation or System of  Therapies “The Theory That Living Matter or Reality Is Made Up of Organic or “UNIFIED WHOLES” That Are “GREATER” Than The Simple Sum of Their Parts”

Our Holistic Health Studio places priority of Assessment to Include alll aspects of the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Physiological, as well as Spiritual conductivity; assessing the “Whole Being” of their clientele.


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