• Initial Consultation  (1.5hrs)   $135.00
  • Consecutive Visits   (50 min)  $70.00
  • DNA Assessments   (saliva)    $100.00
  • Nutritional Value Scanning $60.00
  • Iridology Screening  (basic)     $55.00
  • Mineralization Analysis (hair)  $69.00
  • AquaVida Ionic Foot Detox       $45.00-$50.00
  • For Other Services:  *Please Inquire Specific, as fee schedules are based on service time scales
  • House & Office In-Service Fee:   Additional+$20.00 each visit


For Your First Initial Consultation,

*Please Bring With You A List Of Any Of The Following Information*

Names & Manufacturer or Product Names/Brands of Any; *Nutritional Supplementations*,

As Well As Any : *Pharmaceutical Medicines*

As these may provide to be very helpful in assisting in your full nutritional review assessment screening.

Aurora Integrative Wellness  is looking forward to meeting with you and providing the valuable nutritional information in assisting you in your efforts in achieving your personal health and nutritional goals

PLEASE BE ADVISED of Aurora Integrative Wellness Business Policy; as follows:

Should It Be Necessary to Cancel or Re-schedule any appointment(s), these require atleaset a 24hr notification …..or a fee of $50.00 will be charged to the client, for non-policy prior notification.


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